Malayalam Movie Review | Sundari Gardens 2022


[Non-Spoiler review]

A Feel good movie worth your 111 minutes. Another noted movie from Malayalam movie industry aka Mollywood through OTT portal.

Aparna does it again with setting the mood and take us through her  life as an strong woman who is a fighter. This is one of the best Malayalam movie for the month of September.
While the movie is fairly scripted, it does drop it’s pace in the second half while the gaps in the script becomes increasingly visible. But from not too far, creators seem to regain it’s track to end it on a positive note.
Neeraj Madav has also pulled the weight of the character and filled the role with it’s limitation.
The production house certainly has done a decent job in providing the quality. The creators does seem to care for details, while I certainly felt the use of Malayalam language typically heard in Midland Kerala being used. Although this use is  lost some where through the movie as we move more into the deep. While the efforts are appreciate, creators could have focused bit more into this.

The movie was released into OTT via SonyLIV

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